Mtetezi Agri-insurance to rebuild farmers’ confidence

THE new Mtetezi Agriculture Insurance, which was launched by Strategis Insurance recently, is set to boost farmers’ morale and confidence and enable them to plan their finances comfortably.

The Strategis Insurance CEO- Non Medical, Jabir Kigoda said in an interview on Monday that the new product has been introduced to give relief to farmers and ensure they are protected against calamities that might affect their crops production.

“Most of the time farmers operate under so many uncertainties as they are not sure of what would happen in the event of natural disasters. Strategis have come up with Mtetezi insurance to eradicate these uncertainties and at the same time guarantee the farmers get that compensation in the event of tragedies,” he said.

According to Mr Kigoda, Mtetezi Insurance will offer cover against all major perils which include drought, hails, flood, frost, windstorm, pests and diseases with the optional add-on of the Weather Index Insurance which basically cover floods and drought.

He challenged farmers countrywide to take advantage of the new product as they will be assured of financial protection, risk management, improved access to credit, business sustainability, encouraging investment in agriculture and ensuring peace of mind.

He further assured farmers that claims will be paid on time as directed by the Commissioner of Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA). He said farmers will have to be in groups that will enable them get the cover easily instead of doing it individually.

“It is easy to deal with a group than individuals, hence we call on farmers to use their unions to get this very essential cover and we shall be there to guide them step by step,” he said.

The CEO further noted that Strategis teams are already out in the field to sensitize farmers on the new insurance cover.

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