Mtaka sees no reason for water shortage in Njombe   

NJOMBE Regional Commissioner Anthony Mtaka has said there is absolutely no reason for the residents of Njombe Town Council to face shortage of clean and safe water because the region is endowed with abundant resources of fresh water.

Mtaka made the statement on Monday while speaking to water stakeholders in the region.

He said that laziness of some experts is causing lack of clean and safe water, thus making it hard for especially women to have acces to the service in some areas.

He asked experts to have more strategies to implement strategic water projects with quality and within time.

Njombe Rural Water and Sanitation Agency Manager Sadick Chakka said until now access to clean and safe water has increased by 86 per cent.

He said more than 14bn/- has been released in the region for the implementation of water projects.

Njombe Town Council Secretary of Environment and Water Committee, Kaini Nyigu said through the Rufiji valley water board they have started taking various measures including planting trees at water sources to ensure water availability all the time.

Njombe Ward Councilor Alatanga Nyagawa said he is continuing to implement a campaign of planting friendly trees at water sources to increase the availability of water in his ward.

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