Msukuma: Comedian calls for visionary artistry

TANZANIAN comedian Mary Busungu has advised her fellow artists to venture into other businesses so as to boost their incomes.

Popularly known as Msukuma, she is one of the multi-talented artistes doing well in the business at the moment.

Msukuma, said that when launching her new children’s footwear brand in Dar es Salaam recently.

Msukuma poses for a photo

She said artists have big names in society and the only reward for them is to seize the available opportunities to improve their lives.

Speaking to reporters, Mary said despite being an artist, she has ventured into the manufacturing sector to produce durable natural leather footwear for kids to boost the government’s industrialization drive and increase employment opportunities.

“The product is being manufactured using leather obtained from our animals…staff are Tanzanian nationals. So my products involve many stakeholders who are direct and indirect beneficiaries,” said Msukuma, the former Miss Dodoma.

Mary, who also doubles as the former Miss Morocco, the title she won in Dar es Salaam in the 2000s, added that she spends almost one year thinking about the products which will suit Tanzanian pupils after learning that some products in the market were failing to address challenges of the low-income families and not durable.

“My ambition is to be an artist but also to be a great shoe entrepreneur,” she said.


Entrepreneur Msukuma holds a shoe produced by her firm

Before executing her idea, she used to run a boutique and sandal factory in Tandale, Dar es Salaam. But she suffered a great loss after floods swept away her businesses.

Under her DTDC company, she is manufacturing other products including belts, wallets, and special laptop bags.

However, she told her fans to get ready for another surprise after the end of Ramadan and advised them to follow her on her official social media accounts.

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