Msomera newcomers urged to use funds wisely

NGORONGORO District Commissioner Raymond Mangwala has urged residents volunteering to relocate to Msomera Village to spend their compensation funds wisely.

The area DC called on the residents, who are now moving to Tanga region, to shun extravagance even as they continue pocketing hefty sums of money as compensation from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA).

“Definitely, there will be this temptation of splashing your cash on whatever stands on your way, do not get tempted as there’s still life after Msomera,” urged Mr Mangwala as he saw off 25 households to Tanga at NCAA headquarters yesterday.

The DC assured the 132 families that those relocating to the bustling village of a constant supply of maize and other benefits as they adjust to life in their new surroundings.

In the same vein, Mr Mangwala commended the eighth batch which was accompanied by 225 livestock to Handeni District for making a wise choice, saying the government was worried about their welfare inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA).

“You’re now out of captivity, heading to freedom,” added the area DC. NCAA’s Deputy Conservation Commissioner handling Corporate Services, Needpeace Wambuya disclosed that the conservation agency had now come up with a new strategy of involving village executives of registering those willing to move to Msomera, a move he said will guarantee an influx of households volunteering to relocate to Handeni District.

“This improved strategy will not only see many families register their names for relocation but it will also smoothen the whole process,” hinted Mr Wambuya.

On their part, representatives of the 132 families couldn’t hide their excitement as they boarded two buses to Tanga yesterday morning.

“We can’t wait for a more peaceful life and not a stressful one that saw some of us cheating deaths from wildlife attacks,” observed Engwini Ole Sikwai.

At least 49 people lost their lives from getting mauled by wild animals within the NCA between January 2015 and September 2021.

In her rejoinder, Esther Adaweda from Yaeda Chini elated on the prospects of being given land to farm, something they weren’t restricted to do while co existing with wild animals in the NCA.

Around 1000 residents and more than 5,000 livestock have voluntarily moved to Msomera village in Handeni since the exercise began on June 16, 2022.

Another 5,600 residents had already registered for the exercise, as the NCAA mulls over plans of constructing more than 500 units at the earmarked 400,000 acres of land for relocated Maasai and Datoga households.

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