MPRU calls for efforts to preserve marine parks

AS ocean contributes 1.5tr US dollars in the country’s economy yearly, Tanzania Marine Parks and Reserves Unit (MPRU) has called for the collective efforts to preserve marine resources for sustainable development.

Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, the Manager, Dr Immaculate Semesi said as much as the sector is a major source of human’s existence, it has been facing several threats and challenges caused by human activities.

The manager mentioned four main activities that pose a threat to ocean resources such as, environmental pollution, over harvesting of ocean resources, and climate change.

“But also uses of other means of transport such as ferries, cargo and oil ships damage it a lot. Sometimes an accident occurs and oil flows, or the passing vessel makes noise and causes noise pollution or pollution by dumping waste, liquids, and other harmful things,” she stated.

Dr Immaculate said Tanzania will join the world to celebrate the Ocean’s Day on Thursday where stakeholders will meet at the Hyatt Hotel in Dar es Salaam to contemplate on the resources.

The Vice President, Philip Mpango is expected to grace the event, according to the manager.

“On that day we shall bring together various stakeholders who manage ocean resources or beneficiaries as well as major decision makers who will come out with a framework that will set specific goals and strategies to treat our oceans in the country,” Dr Immaculate said.

Marine Reserves encompass distinct areas within the ocean, rivers, natural ponds, and lakes that have been legally designated to establish robust management measures aimed at conserving, preserving, and restoring biodiversity and ecological systems.

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