Moshi School launches computer lab to spur digital literacy

MOSHI: MOSHI District Authority has pledged to collaborate with various education stakeholders in improving digital education to compliment the government’s efforts meant to improve digital education in the country.

The assurance was given on Monday, by the Moshi District Commissioner (DC) Mr Kisare Makori during the launching of a computer laboratory owned by Meringeni Secondary School in Old Moshi area, Moshi District of Kilimanjaro Region.

“The government officially launched a policy aimed at ensuring all students who graduate from secondary education become digital literate and that is why the National curriculum and exams for computer education were introduced in the country,” he said.

He expounded that the government is very much aware of the importance of graduates been digital literate, something that he said the later (digital literacy) was vital when it comes for development of people been it individually, as a community and as a nation in general.

Mr Makori commended the Tanzania Enlightenment Development Innovations Tanzania (TEDI Tanzania) for introducing the project that aims to improve computer education in secondary schools in the country.

“This project that you introduced will greatly contribute to secondary school graduates to get digital education and understanding which is an important need for today’s world, especially in bringing about the development of individuals, society and the Nation as a whole,” he added.

In addition, DC Makori commended students of the Drexel University from Philadelphia City in the United States for a great contribution they made, which he said it led to the launching of the computer laboratory at the Meringeni Secondary School.

Speaking during the occasion, the TEDI Tanzania Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ms Gloria Anderson said the launching was part of the project introduced by TEDI Tanzania, known as One Computer Lab One School.

“The project is an initiative aimed at improving the quality of education in Tanzania by building computer labs in government schools as well as equipping students and teachers with digital literacy skills.

“The students are also provided with financial services trainings and entrepreneurship studies; the institution also works with the higher learning institutions during its development related activities,” she noted.

She continued to say that, to make the programme sustainable the Meringeni secondary school computer lab which is equipped with 14 computers to start with, will be a resource centre for other schools to go and learn digital studies at the school.

Speaking on behalf of the Drexel University entourage which consisted of students from the United States based learning institution, the university’s Senior Director, (Education Abroad; Office of Global Engagement) Ms Ahaji Schreffler said the launching of the computer lab will unite and connect the Meringeni school with the entire world.

“Apart from being connected to Drexel University community, you will also be able to unite with the whole world digitally; make sure that you use this opportunity very well for the betterment of your future.

“The availability of the computer lab will also give you chances to improve the natural talents you have, improve your education programmes, as well as your personal well-beings and that of your nation in general,” she observed.

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