Morogoro has 2000-km all-weather roads, says TANROADS

MOROGORO:  THE Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) said here on Tuesday that Morogoro Region has 2,071.23 kilometres of all-weather road network and called on users to cooperate in safeguarding the costly infrastructure.

Morogoro TANROADS Manager Lazeck Kyamba stated this when giving report on the agency’s role in construction and maintenance of the road network in one of Tanzania’s key food-producer regions as short rains are around the corner.

Mr Kyamba stated that durability of roads essentially depends on proper use, appropriate and timely maintenance. Road users too are important stakeholders in safeguarding the roads.

“We are proud of this enviable network. Remember our region is the nation’s doorway linking the coast and Tanzania’s central regions. So, we have  ensured that these roads are in good shape and are passable throughout the year.

“We appeal to all users to join us in protecting the roads,” he told journalists on the region’s preparations ahead of the short rains which are expected later this month.

The Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) recently informed that the coming rains will be average or above average and has called for timely preparedness to avoid rains effects.

Engineer Kyamba explained that the region has 849.42 kilometres of trunk roads, out of which 384.55km are tarmac and 464.87 km are gravel roads.

The regional roads network has a total of 1,221.81 kms — out of which 1,054.31 kms tarmac and 167.50 kms gravel.

The agency has constantly kept its eyes on Kiyegeya Bridge because, he argued, it is an important link between the region and other regions in central Tanzania.

He said the agency is providing convenient services to transporters at Mikese, Dakawa and Mikumi weigh bridges and appealed for cooperation from transporters in observing weight limits.

He said the government is committed to building good and durable roads so that the existing roads are preserved and protected.

“We are constantly implementing the directives we receive from the regional and national levels to ensure that our roads remain in good conditions to contribute to the wellbeing of Tanzanians,” he said, adding that the roads are important in promoting Tanzania’s regional and national economies.

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