MoCU records high number of female graduates

MOSHI: NUMBER of female graduates has continued to increase at the Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU) in Kilimanjaro as results of the government’s policy that is aimed at improving the educational environment for female students in all levels of education.

This was stated recently by Chairman of the MoCU Council, Mr George Yambesi, during the ninth graduation ceremony of the university which was held at the university’s grounds.

“Today, a total of 3,634 students will graduate, 51.4 per cent of them are women and 48.6 per cent are men. The large number of female graduates is a clear sign that the government’s efforts, especially under the sixth phase government that is aimed at improving the education among girls, continue to bear fruits,” he said.

He went on saying that during the graduation ceremony, 11 of the graduates, including women, were conferred with the Doctor of Philosophy (PhDs).

Mr Yambesi thanked the government for the cooperation it continued to accord to the management of the university which he said had contributed significantly to its academic success.

“The government still continues to accord its cooperation to our university through the ministry responsible for education in areas related to our activities, including in researches which are important in bringing about the development of the nation and that of individuals,” he added.

During the occasion, Mr Yambesi appealed to the graduates to use the education they acquired to improve their personal developments and that of the nation as a whole.

“The education you received here has prepared you to bring positive changes to our country and the people. It is the basis for your wellbeing and that of the nation and its people, so make sure you use it well to achieve the goals,” he added.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, MoCU Vice Chancellor (VC) Professor Alfred Sife, said the admission of students to the university has been increasing year after year, pointing out that in 2023, a total of 3,342 new students were admitted, bringing the total number of students pursuing education at the university to 8,039.

During the graduation occasion, the new MoCU Chancellor Ms Anne Makinda, who is also the retired Speaker of the Parliament, conferred 3,634 graduates with certificates, Diplomas and Degrees.

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