Ministry, WHO launch committees to save lives during diseases outbreak

MINISTRY of Health through its Prevention Department in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) committees at district and regional levels in the country.

The objective is to increase education, awareness and preparedness during outbreak diseases with the aim of saving lives and resources.

A representative from the Ministry of Health – Prevention Department – Public Health Education Section Mr Johnson Mndeme, said at the launching of RCCE Committee in Kibaha Town Council recently that the government has reached the decision after lessons learnt during Covid- 19 outbreak in the country.

“The government has decided to step up education and public engagement in dealing with outbreak diseases after the lesson learnt during Covid-19 outbreak.

It is clear that most of the deaths, infections and even wastage of resources could have been prevented if the communities had received correct information on how to prevent themselves before the outbreak,” he said.

He said that already RCCE committees have been launched in Tanga Region and after Coast Region; two more regions which are Kagera and Manyara will follow.

Communications Officer (Outbreak Diseases) from the WHO, Ms Jaliath Rangi said that the committees would  help in delivering accurate messages to the respective communities, which will bring more positive results since they are formed by individuals, who are well known by the people in those communities.

For his part, Kibaha District Commissioner Mr Nickson Simon, who is also the Chairman for the newly formed RCCE committee in the district promised the MoH officials to give all the necessary support to ensure that the goal is being reached as planned.

“The government appreciates WHO for what the agent has been doing in this country and we are promising to work hard to see that these initiatives succeed to save lives and avoid unnecessary wastage of resources. I also take this opportunity to urge members of the formed committee to be available and committed in their responsibilities as required,” he noted.

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