Ministry to raise awareness on land ownership processes

COAST REGION: MINISTER for Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr Jerry Silaa has said that his office plans to provide education to the public on steps to be taken when processing land ownership in order to avoid misunderstandings between people.

Mr Silaa made the remarks recently during the launch of Ardhi Clinic currently under construction in Bagamoyo, Coast Region.

According to Silaa, despite his ministry having the responsibility of managing land, there is a need to provide education to Tanzanians on the area of land from when it is bought, planned for use, surveyed and owned, especially when it is handed over from one owner to another.

“If we provide education to the public, it will help the public to understand various procedures of obtaining land because some people have been buying land from local chairmen while it is contrary to the law,”

Mr Silaa further said that whoever buys land from someone has the responsibility to understand how the seller got the land.

However, he made it clear that, despite the fact that land owners has the right to protect their land but the government will not allow people to invade areas which are potential to the government such as Mapinga in Bagamoyo.

The minister also asked the citizens to respect the laws enacted by the Parliament and to learn how exercise their rights.

“I am warning leaders who use their power to identify areas and give them to people without adhering to rules, it is important to abide by the laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary inconveniences,” said the Minister.

Bagamoyo District Commissioner, Halima Okashi, said that the Ardhi Clinic will be responsible for resolving land issues and hold accountable all leaders who will go against the land law.

The launch of the Ardhi Clinic in Bagamoyo district, Coast region follows the launch of similar clinics in Kigamboni and Temeke districts where the main goal is to listen and find solutions to the challenges facing the land sector.

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