Ministry pushes for aggressive environmental cleanliness

DODOMA: MINISTER of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment) Dr Selemani Jafo has directed aggressive environmental cleanliness in areas surrounding communities as mitigation measures to curb the spread of diseases, particularly cholera.

He directed Local Government Authorities (LGAs) to supervise citizens’ active participation in cleanliness exercises in their surroundings.

Dr Jafo issued the instructions yesterday while launching a tree-planting campaign in preparation for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, held at Dodoma English Medium Primary School. The event included the planting of 60 trees within the school premises.

Speaking to leaders, students, and residents of the area, Dr Jafo stated that tree planting in the areas surrounding communities is every citizen’s responsibility in safeguarding their wellbeing.

He emphasized the significance of the Union as a national heritage and the foundation of Tanzanians’ lives, calling on all citizens to cherish the historic Union.

“The Office of the Vice- President deems it appropriate for these celebrations to coincide with environmental conservation activities, particularly tree planting throughout the country. Every institution and all citizens in our areas are required to plant memorial trees for the 60th anniversary of the Union,” he said.

Dr Jafo added that tree planting in preparation for the Union celebrations is part of the government’s environmental conservation campaign, specifically focusing on planting and nurturing trees.

He emphasized “Just as we united to protect our freedom, culture, and nationality, we are encouraged to unite in safeguarding our environment.”

Furthermore, he stressed that every citizen plants a Union memorial tree and requested each institution at national, regional, and local government levels to plant no fewer than 60 trees as a symbol of the 60th anniversary of the Union.

In the case of Dodoma City which serves as the capital of the country, the tree planting activity is part of the campaign to make the city green and increase its natural vegetation,

The tree planting exercise was attended by various government officials, including the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the docket Abdallah Hassan Mitawi, Dodoma Regional Commissioner Rosemary Senyamule, District Commissioner Jabir Shekimweri, Mayor of Dodoma City Prof Davis Mwamfupe among others.

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