Ministry officials challenged to evaluate budget implementation

FOREIGN Affairs and East African Cooperation Minister Dr Stergomena Tax has asked the employees under her docket to evaluate the implementation of the 2022/23 budget as well as their work performance.

Dr Tax said in Dodoma on Sunday that evaluation would enable them to solve various challenges facing the ministry including inefficiency.

She said the Ministry has been receiving many complaints about poor work performance as well as poor quality of work implemented in the ministry.

“The council is responsible for managing productivity in workplaces as well as advising the ministry on various issues including work efficiency, personnel issues, budget plans and ministry’s expenditure,” she said when opening the Ministry’s Workers Council meeting aimed at reviewing and discussing the 2022/23 budget implementation report as well as the estimated revenue and expenditure of the ministry for the financial year 2023/2024.

“Let me use this opportunity to emphasise the participation of the staff and the council in evaluating the implementation of the budget so that you can measure the steps reached in the implementation and where there are challenges you can formulate strategies to solve them. Let’s evaluate why our performance is blamed and questioned” she added.

Dr Tax also asked the employees to review and discuss in detail key priority areas in the 2023/24 budget.

“This meeting should be an opportunity for you to represent your fellow employees in planning the direction of the ministry in the next financial year, it is my expectation that you will use this opportunity to discuss in detail how the priority areas in this budget will enable us to implement economic diplomacy,” she said.

She also told the council to ensure that employees’ interests are considered as well as reminding them to be accountable and perform their duties in order to bring efficiency in performance.

“I ask you to ensure that all employees’ claims are paid before the new financial year, but remind them to avoid corruption acts and violation of public service ethics because there is no right without responsibility,” she said.

In addition, Dr Tax has emphasised solidarity and unity among employees at workplaces to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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