Ministry devices plan to promote organic farming

 AGRICULTURE, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock Ministry has drafted an organic farming strategic plan to promote organic farming in the islands, the House of Representatives was told here yesterday.

Agriculture Minister Shamata Shaame Khamis informed the house that stakeholders are currently reviewing the plan before sharing their opinions to better shape it.

He was responding to a question by Mwanakwerekwe Representative Ameir Abdalla Ameir who sought to know the government’s initiatives to mobilise more small-scale farmers into organic farming, which he described as highly lucrative.

The minister said the ministry has already dispatched 10 agriculturists—one from each district—for training on organic farming in Morogoro Region in Tanzania Mainland.

However, Minister Shamata decried low awareness level by many peasants as the major challenge that impedes efforts to promote organic farming in the isles.

Consumers too don’t give appropriate preference to organic products, leading to low prices that hardly cover the production costs.

He said the government is working closely with various institutions like Tanzania Horticulture Association, Milele Zanzibar Foundation and Pelum Tanzania among others to mobilise and support farmers in organic farmers.


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