Minister: Protect content creators’ rights 

TANZANIA: IN the pursuit of preserving and protecting content creators’ efforts to enhance their favorable environment, the government has urged its institutions to preserve and protect the role of art in cultural and national identity.

A special emphasis was placed on Wednesday on the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA), which has a crucial role in addressing copyright and intellectual property rights for Tanzanian content creators.

The call was made by the Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Damas Ndumbaro, during his working visit to the COSOTA and National Arts Council offices in Dar es Salaam.

It was during his visit that he urged the institutions to cooperate in the pursuit of two cases: figuring out who owns the copyright to the famous song ‘Malaika Nakupenda’, and determining how the benefit should be distributed to the painters of African folk tales and Tanzanian art ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’.

He also encouraged institutions to work together to ensure that artists receive fair compensation for their work.

“Please follow up on all the details about the copyright of the work, ‘Malaika Nakupenda’ so that the government can intervene, since this is an issue that is being discussed globally with over 40 artists singing. It is important for the content creator to be known, claim and earn benefits.

“Some people enjoy their lives because of creative work, lest some rob others’ rights and benefits,” he said.

COSOTA Chief Executive Officer, Doreen Sinare, thanked the minister for paying a visit to her institution, insisting that they would work on his directives to ensure artists and content creators get all benefits they deserve from their work of art.

She said they would also strive to ensure they enlighten the community on the importance of protecting the rights of artists and content creators and ensuring that their works were not misused.

She further stated that her office is committed to promoting creativity and culture in Tanzania.

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