Minister Pinda seeks resolve on land disputes in Dodoma

DODOMA: DEPUTY Minister for Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Mr Geofrey Pinda, has made follow up on implementation of his directive for resolving land disputes at Chang’ombe Mbwanga area in Dodoma Region.

Mr Pinda’s decision follows the complaints over land dispute reported to him, with some complaints involving land sector executives.

Mr Pinda visited the area recently with accompany of land sector executives from Ministry headquarters, land assistant commissioner’s office from Dodoma.

“It is important for citizen to create good neighborhood so as to avoid land disputes in your areas, it’s not necessary for me to come and solve these issues while it can be solved on my absence,” he said.

He also visited Chang’ombe Extension, where one of residents, Mr Ramadhani Kisiju, claimed to own the plot that he has been farming for a long time.

He instructed Mr Kisiju to go to his office with all the land ownership documents in order to find details over the dispute.

He told Mr Kisiju to be patient as he was working on the issue.

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