Minister Ndumbaro blesses Indo-Tanzania fashion gala

THE Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Damas Ndumbaro, has launched a fashion show featuring Indian-inspired clothing with the aim of supporting wildlife conservation and the environment.

During the launch held in Dar es Salaam on Friday, Minister Ndumbaro urged other institutions that organise similar exhibitions to embrace such messages to help save wildlife and nature.

He said: “In this event, over 50 models from different countries have had an opportunity to showcase various garments with Indian and other cultural influences. This demonstrates a strong collaboration between Tanzania and India, not only in political matters but also in initiatives like this.”

“It is important to utilise the available institutions to ensure environmental conservation, citing examples of individuals who have successfully protected the environment of Mount Kilimanjaro. Protecting the environment and wildlife issues falls into the positive way as it also increases the number of tourists who tour the country and as well, the wildlife that has been targeted by malicious individuals,” he stressed.

Adding, he said the wildlife present in our various national parks also contributes to our nation’s revenue. The government has allocated funds to protect wildlife and their habitats because this part increases the country’s revenue and gives the country’s tourist attractions to be well known globally.

The Chairman of the 4 Paws Foundation, Veena Jog, who is the designer and organiser of the show, said this is the first time for the organisation to conduct and organise such a show in the country.

Jog said over 80 per cent of the show has been locally sourced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “I am grateful for the support from fashion and style enthusiasts. I have been here for over 31 years, and through my designing skills, I have aspired to create something remarkable here in Tanzania,” he said.

“The message behind this fashion show is to bring together people from different cultures in the conservation of living beings. We will continue to strengthen the bond between us and India. The primary goal is to save the lives of wildlife, and I hope we can achieve that and establish a harmonious relationship in protecting the creatures in our country,” he explained.

“Tanzania is a unique country compared to others because it still preserves wildlife and the environment as a whole. We stand together with the government in safeguarding wildlife and the environment, and we will also provide education to the citizens in various parts of this country,” he noted.

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