Minister commends Tembo Nickel resettlement action plan

KAGERA : THE government has thumbed up the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), by Tembo Nickel’s Kabanga Nickel project.

In a recent visit to Tembo Nickel’s- Kabanga Nickel project site in the Ngara District, Deputy Minister for Minerals, Dr Steven Kiruswa was pleased to see the progress of the scheme.

Tembo Nickel Corporation Limited is working towards delivering the RAP as per national and international standards in order to ensure the rights of the Project Affected Persons in Ngara are respected and protected.

“I am impressed to learn that the Project Affected Persons will be compensated in a manner that will not leave them destitute. The arrangement to deposit 100 per cent of the funds in their bank accounts, but with a limitation to withdraw up to 60 per cent before they are relocated and 40 per cent after relocation, will provide substantial security,” stated Dr Kiruswa.

At least 336 physically displaced households will be relocated to seven nearby villages of their choice, based on balloting selection, where the company will build the Project Affected Persons replacement housing and incorporate livelihood restoration.

The Project is also currently working towards launching a Local Content Roadshow in the month of October 2023 to register local skills and service providers with the aim of ensuring that local communities’ capabilities are realised and utilised for the purpose of the Project and in the longer term to align with the Governments commitments to overall national development.

As Tembo Nickel aims to deliver the project in a more sustainable manner, the company requested the Ministry of Minerals support on infrastructure improvement, in particular, the 80-kilometer untarmacked road from the project site to Mizania Murusagamba.

The road is anticipated to be heavily utilised when operations pick up during early works and subsequently when mining operations begin. There will also be trucks transporting concentrate from the mine site to the refinery in Kahama.

“That is the shortest and most favourable route as it will have direct access to the refinery in Kahama, this being the route that is less densely populated. However, I do not anticipate that in the road’s current condition it will be able to withstand the traffic that is due to come with the start of our early works from as early as mid-next year. We estimate to run as many as 40 trucks a day,” said Tembo Nickel CEO, Mr Benedict Busunzu.

The deputy minister further reiterated the government’s unwavering support to ensure the success of timely project delivery.

He added that the ministry, as custodians of the mining sector, has a duty to minimise hurdles and challenges faced by the sector including infrastructure needs by working collaboratively.

“We understand the importance of this road and we must give it the utmost priority; we do not want this to be an impediment to delivery of the project. I am certain with the critical nature of this Project, this matter will be addressed in its urgency including that of power,” Dr Kiruswa stressed.

Tembo Nickel Corporation Limited is a mine-to-metal company formed through the Framework Agreement between Kabanga Nickel Limited (84 per cent) and the Government of Tanzania (16 per cent) for the development of the Kabanga nickel deposits in Tanzania. The Kabanga Nickel project is one of the largest high-grade, undeveloped nickel sulphide deposits in the world. Tembo Nickel aims to supply the battery-grade nickel required to meet global demand more sustainably, while creating shared value for Tanzania.

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