Minister Chana to bless Swahili Marathon

The Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Pindi Chana, expects to grace the inaugural Swahili International Marathon to be held here this Saturday.

A member of Africa Sports Agency, Joseph Mselle, affirmed Minister Pindi’s attendance. He, therefore, called all to make an application as preparations  for event are in the final stages.

The event is organized and coordinated by the Africa Sports Agency.

“Minister Pindi Chana is expected to be the chief guest in this race which is expected to be held at the Nanenane Grounds in the Njiro, Arusha,” he said.

“The event is meant to compliment the government’s efforts aimed at making Swahili a universal language; after the great influence and enthusiasm carried out by Tanzania under the presidency of Samia Suluhu Hassan during the

41st Session of the General Conference of UNESCO, which was held in Paris in November 2021 and that declared July 7th  as the World Kiswahili Day”, he added.

He added, “We have embarked on organizing this competition which, apart from promoting sports and the health of the participants, plays a role in celebrating and informing the world that Kiswahili is now the language of work as inspired by Tanzania, its leaders and its people.”

Adding, he said the Africa Sports Agency will organize the first event in collaboration with the Kiswahili Council of Tanzania (BAKITA).

For her part, the BAKITA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Consolota Mushi said the annual competition will set a mark that will promote the language annually.

“This competition will initially explain the influence made by President Samia in promoting the Kiswahili language internationally, efforts which led to the language being officially endorsed as a working language by UNESCO”, she lamented.

“Apart from the endorsement, the Kiswahili language was also given its special commemoration day, which will be observed on July 7th  of every year, a move which makes Kiswahili the first language in Africa to be given its special day internationally”, she added.

According to her, President Samia used Tanzania’s strategy to promote Kiswahili as an internationally recognized language by mobilizing the global community through various institutions such as the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN).

Adding, Consolota said: “In February 2022, President Samia submitted in the AU meeting a motion to request Kiswahili to be recognized by the Union as a working language; and it passed with a bang. In showing her emphasis, President Samia addressed the AU meeting in Kiswahili early this year (2023)”.

In addition, she said in continuing the efforts to promote the use of the Kiswahili, President Samia offered 250,000 US Dollars to encourage and mobilize the growth of the use of the Kiswahili in Africa.

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