Mining Commission collects over 165bn/-

MINING Commission in the country has managed to collect 165.31bn/- until 24 September this year.

The remarks were made on Thursday by the Mining Commission Chairman, Prof Idris Kikula in Mwanza during a working session with the commission’s management.

“In the financial year 2023/2024, our institution is scheduled to collect 882.12bn/- where, as of September 24th this year, we have collected 165.31bn/- equal to 18.9 per cent of the target,” Prof Kikula disclosed.

“The commission has continued to strengthen the working environment by strengthening the infrastructure, including licensing, purchase of furniture, repair and construction of mining offices,” he said.

On his side, the Minister for Minerals Mr Anthony Mavunde has asked mining officials in the country to ensure that mining theft is stopped and they should work in accordance with the law.

He asked the employees of the mining commission to work in accordance with the laws, regulations and principles that guide the mining sector.

“On the issue of mineral smuggling, I ask you to manage this in cooperation with government security agencies. I am told that when people saw the change in leadership, they started trying to smuggle minerals,” Mavunde said.

He said that the area where he will have no mercy at all is the mining area.  He asked the employees to prevent smuggling at the earliest stage as well as to fulfill their duties properly.

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