Miners urged to observe safe use of chemicals

GEITA: THE Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA) has asked small miners at gold mines in the region to observe safe use of chemicals as per the country’s laws.

The Industrial and Consumer Chemicals (Management and Control) Act, 2003 (No. 3 of 2003) introduces measures for the control of production, importation, exportation, transportation, storage, handling and placing on the market of industrial or consumer chemicals or chemical products and provides for the carrying out of such control.

Speaking with journalists during the just concluded this year’s Geita Mining Technology Exhibition, Mr Sabanitho Mtega, GCLA’s Director of Product and Environmental Analysis Directorate, said mining is one of the sectors that hugely use chemicals, especially during gold exploration and mining.

“We (GCLA) being responsible for supervising implementation of the law we have a duty to ensure that stakeholders in the mining sector are educated over safe use of chemicals as well as they understand effects of the unsafe use of chemicals,” Mr Mtega stated.

GCLA Manager for Lake Zone, Mr Musa Kuzumila, said the authority successfully utilized the exhibition for provision of awareness on proper use of chemicals, especially mercury which is widely used by the miners in Geita Region and Lake Zone at large.

“Mercury is among dangerous chemicals for health and environment. Hence, it is important for small-scale miners to get educated over effects of such chemicals on health and environment,” Mr Kuzumila stated.

He therefore, urged employers who have employed small miners to create better environment that would protect them from effects of hazardous chemicals.

Commenting, Mr Musa Shunashu, Public Relations Officer from the Geita Gold Mine, said during the exhibitions he learnt about various matters relating to chemicals, including how to properly handle Sodium Cyanide, which is used for gold refining.

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