Miners urged to capitalise on gold

GEITA: MINERS have been challenged to capitalise on the measurement standard of one kilogramme of gold bar owned by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) to boost their earnings and contribute to country’s economic growth.

The TBS measurement standard of a one kilogramme of gold bar is of global standards that helps miners to penetrate both local and international markets.

TBS’s Standards Officer Prof Jestus Kasimbazi made the call in the just ended mining exhibitions held in Geita Region.

“It is high time local miners adhered to standard requirements when it comes to gold bars to boost their earning as the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) recently unveiled plans to buy gold bars as it strives to bolster its foreign exchange reserve,” he said.

In order to reserve gold, it must be packed to adhere to the international standards, enabling a trader to sell it in both markets,” said Prof Kasimbazi.

TBS Lake Zone Manager, Ms Happy Kanyeka, said among other things the standard authority participated in the exhibition to continue with the programme of advising the SMEs and food manufacturers on product verification.

“We have seen couple of business in the exhibition where we told those who have not verified their products to do so…we directed them on the procedures of getting quality of standard marks,” said Ms Kanyeka.

Elaborating on the requirements to verify products, the Lake Zone Manager said those who want to verify are obligated to have an acknowledgement letter from the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) to be allowed for the verification process which is conducted free of charge.

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