Military officers counseled on social media use

Military officers in the country have been told to be vigilant about their public footprint.

The Chief of Defence Forces General Jacob John Mkunda urged the military recruits to be cautious when using social media.

Bringing down the curtain on the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) military training intake number 41/22 at JKT Oljoro on Friday, General Mkunda said it was imperative for the officers to be careful on whatever information they post on social networks, warning that punitive measures will be taken on officers who fail to comply with such a directive.

“We need to be careful when putting information on these platforms, we wouldn’t wish to see the lives of our officers and that of their families put to risk,” he said.

In the same vein, the CDF challenged the new officers on vigilance in protecting the country.

General Mkunda urged the new recruits to adhere to oath of enlistment of protecting their country at all cost.

“Guided by the oath, you should ever be ready to fight for your country at all times,” the CDF insisted.

He appealed to the recruits to be willing to participate in joint military missions that aim to restore peace and security in some African countries.

According to the Chief of Defence Forces, this could only be achieved if the military recruits demonstrate high levels of discipline at the workplace.

“Self-discipline is the number one attribute of any soldier, you’ll be unqualified to serve your country if your discipline level is wanting,” he said.

A total 2,457 completed the course which was executed by the Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS) Kihangaiko.

According to RTS Kihangaiko Head Colonel Sijaona Myala, some 80 recruits failed to finish the course due to various reasons such as truancy and illness.

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