Men encouraged being crusaders of anti GBV

THE Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Organisation has set a programme to encourage the participation of men’s groups in reporting, condemning and fighting the acts of violences against women and children in Geita Region.

The VSO Advisory Officer for Youth Programmes, Mr Photunatus Nyundo presented the program during the gender violence men’s debate in Nyarugusu village at the first date of 16 Days of Activism.

He explained the programme is part of the Collective Action for Rights Realisations in Extractive Industry (CLARITY) project funded by the European Union (EU).

Mr Nyundo said, preliminary researchers have identified men as the most accused group for committing acts of violence against women and children in the extractive community, the situation that alerts for active response for changes.

“During the 16 Days of Activism, we expect much participation from men. Firstly, we need them to raise their voices on violence cases; secondly, they need to be open about the effects of violence against women and children.

“Thirdly, we want to see that they actively and properly participate in the anti-violence campaign to ensure that we eradicate the acts of violence because we all believe that women and children are part of our families.”

VSO Gender Related Issues Officer; Mr Phyntous Masimamo noted that the men’s awareness and participation will help control violence as studies have shown that most of the victims of violence are women and children.

The Nyarugusu Ward Executive Officer, Mr Lusekelo Mwaikenda thanked VSO for directly involving men in the campaign as they can take part in expressing and evaluating the causes and effects of violence within the families.

Speaking on behalf of the men who attended the event, Mr Alex Apolinary admitted that the acts of violence in mining areas are mostly committed by men and promised to be ambassadors of change.

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