Mega projects gulp 8.64tri/-

THE government has dished out approximately 8.64tri/- by January this year to continue implementing mega development projects that will strengthen the country’s economy and the development of the people.

The mega development projects include Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) airports, ports, roads, community services and energy, where implementation is in various stages.

The remark was made by Prime Minister Mr Kassim Majaliwa when tabling the 2023/24 budget estimates for the Prime Minister’s Office in the National Assembly in Dodoma yesterday.

He asked the House to endorse the PMO’s proposed budget of 173.7bn/-, out of which about 121.4bn/- is for recurrent and the remaining 52.3bn/- for development projects.

The PM noted that during this financial year, the government has already provided a total of 762.99bn/- to execute the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project. He said the Dar es Salaam -Morogoro section with a length of 300 kilometres has reached 97.91 per cent of construction.

“The section of Morogoro – Makutupora (422 km) has attained 92.23 per cent, Mwanza – Isaka (km 341) is at 25.75 per cent, Makutupora – Tabora (371 km) 4.59 per cent, Tabora – Isaka section (165 km) and Tabora – Kigoma (506 km) has started,” he said

Speaking about Julius Nyerere Hydropower Power Project (JNHPP) which is expected to produce 2,115 MW, the Prime Minister said that the government has so far pumped 869.93bn/- in this financial year for implementation of the project which has reached 83 per cent.

He said that the water filling exercise in the dam was officially launched by President Samia Suluhu Hassan on December 22nd, 2022, whereby until February this year, the water level has reached 134.39 metres from sea level, out of 163 metres needed to start production.

The Prime Minister further added that the government has continued to strengthen the national carrier– Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL). He said in this financial year, the government has already dished out 20.52bn/-, where the activities carried out in the implementation of the project include paying part of the costs of the purchase of five aircrafts.

“Among them, one plane is a Boeing 767-300F cargo plane, two Boeing 737-9 planes, one Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner plane and one De Havilland Dash 8-Q400 plane… Four of those planes are expected to arrive in the country before November this year,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa said that 30.39bn/- have been provided by the government to compensate 7,486 out of 9,122 citizens whose land will be taken for construction of East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) from Kagera Region to Chongoleani in Tanga Region.

He said that the government has continued to pay for its stake in the EACOP project, where so far it has dished out 131.0 million US dollars, adding that permission to start the construction of the project was granted in January this year.

Moreover, Mr Majaliwa has mentioned another project being implemented, including the construction of Mkulazi Sugar Factory, where 39.84bn/- has been provided to execute the project, which has reached 75 per cent.

“In the implementation of Mkulazi project, 219 hectares of land have been used for cultivation of sugarcane, making the size of the area planted with sugarcane to reach 2,974 hectares, equal to 83 per cent of the target of planting 3,600 hectares,” he explained

Again, in this fiscal year, the PM noted that 93.09bn/- has been provided so far to continue funding the construction of the Kigongo-Busisi Bridge project, which has reached 63 per cent, where its completion will reduce the time it takes for people to cross from either side of the Lake Victoria.

“When the bridge is completed, it will reduce the time for citizens to cross the Kigongo – Busisi area by approximately two hours to only four minutes by car and ten minutes by foot. The bridge will also enable vehicles of all types to cross at all times,” he added

Other projects explained by Mr Majaliwa include the construction and renovation of airports, where the government provided 77.23bn/- for continuation of the construction of Msalato International Airport in Dodoma, where implementation has reached 10.2 per cent.

“Another task is completion of extension of the runway and installation of the flight control and guidance system at Dodoma Airport, the completion of the construction of Chato Airport in Geita Region and continuation of the construction and renovation of Songea Airport, which is at 98 per cent, Iringa 42 per cent and Musoma 43 per cent,” the PM said.

According to the PM, the construction of Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project-Phase II involving Kilwa Road from Dar es Salaam city centre to Mbagala and Kawawa road from Magomeni junction through Chang’ombe to the intersection of Kilwa road has reached 82 per cent.

“BRT phase III involving Nyerere road from Dar es Salaam city centre to Gongo la Mboto stretching 23.6 km has been executed by 5 per cent,” he added.

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