Mbowe hails president for walking the talk

OPPOSITION party CHADEMA National Chairman, Freeman Mbowe on Wednesday thanked President Samia Suluhu Hassan for largely upholding the agreement reached during their first meeting at the State House.

“As two of the largest political parties in our country, CCM and Chadema, you have provided the opportunity for reconciliation talks at all stages,” he remarked.

Mr Mbowe said that reconciliation cannot be of only two parties, there are other political parties, faith based institutions, non-governmental organisations, farmers, workers and many other groups looking forward for reconciliation.

“The process must move forward to incorporate the entire nation once we finish setting the framework for reconciliation, so that we may build a better and happier nation,” Mr Mbowe remarked.

The best way to help Dr Samia become a better leader and her government to be able to carry out its duties, according to him, is for Chadema to believe in truth, transparency and not acting hypocritically.

Mr Mbowe also thanked Dr Samia for honoring their invitation, deeming it a good gesture towards the implementation of the 4Rs philosophy.

He also said that as the opposition party, they will live without hypocrisy or fear and say what needs to be said because that is the proper way to improve the country for future generations.

“It is my hope, President Samia, that your determination to keep the nation together will be inherited by the leaders under you, those in your government, those in various justice institutions in the Parliament, the Judiciary, the defence and security agencies and all the people who are in the administration and the leadership of the people

“Your presence here has demonstrated to the nation the manner in which we should forgive each other and collectively construct a nation that embraces freedom, justice, democracy and growth of the people,”.

“I think that all levels of government will continue to live this dream,” insisted Mr Mbowe.

He asserted that they will continue to carry out their obligation as an opposition party to make sure that the administration upholds moral principles without reservation or hypocrisy and do it in a way that is supported by facts.

“Democracy should not be an option; instead, we should have rulers who fear God,” he noted.

Earlier, National BAWACHA Chairperson, Sharifa Suleman stated that despite ongoing efforts, women are still subjected to harassment in society, families and politics.

“Incidents of sodomy, rape and quarrels in families, fighting and incidences of murder have increased considerably in the country, with the main victims being women and children,” she said.

In order for the children to report violent actions, Ms Suleman advised women to forge bonds with them.

She also urged women to prepare properly for Local Government and General Elections, so that they can take part in coming up with answers to the many problems the country is now facing.

She said that it is crucial for women to be in the forefront of using technology to access services and crucial information on time, in line with this year’s slogan “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.

“We salute the reconciliation committee that provides our country a new path, and Tanzanians have lofty expectations for that reconciliation,” Ms Suleman remarked.

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