Mavunde Touts 2010 Mining Law Benefits

ARUSHA: Minister responsible for Minerals, Anthony Mavunde has highlighted that the fresh amendments to the Mining Act of 2010 has further enhanced Tanzania’s investment climate, offering  benefits to the country and its people.

Speaking at the Third Forum for Tanzanian Participation in the Mining Sector, Mavunde detailed that the legislative changes prioritize local participation, requiring all investors in mineral production and trade to prioritize Tanzanians.

The 2017 amendments to the Mining Law led to the establishment of the 2018 Local Content Regulations, which have been crucial in managing and enhancing Tanzanian involvement in the mining sector.

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According to Mavunde, “There were many complaints about Tanzanians being mere bystanders until the profits were shared. However, since the 2017 legal reforms, Tanzanian participation has grown substantially, with many now holding high leadership positions in mining companies.”

The Ministry, through the Mining Commission, received and reviewed 801 Local Content plans, marking a 57 percent increase from the 510 plans submitted last financial year.

“This clearly shows that awareness among Tanzanians about seizing opportunities in the mining sector is growing rapidly,” Mavunde noted .

As of March 2024, a total of 19,358 direct jobs were created in the mines, with 18,853 (97 percent) allocated to Tanzanians and 505 (3 percent) to foreigners.

Mavunde assured that the trend of increasing Tanzanian employment in the mining sector would continue, facilitated by the enforcement of Mining Law Chapter 123 and the 2018 Local Content Regulations.

Additionally, the Ministry, through the Mining Commission, has consistently prioritized Tanzanian suppliers for goods and services in accordance with the Mining Law Chapter 123.

The forum continues at the AICC International Conference Hall, fostering dialogue and further strategies to enhance Tanzanian involvement in the mining sector.

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