Man to hang over murdering partner

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Kisutu Resident Magistrate Court has sentenced Ally Balanda, also known as Idofolo (52) to death by hanging after he was found him guilty of deliberate murder of his partner, Selani Kondo.

The judgment was issued on Tuesday by the In-charge of Kisutu Magistrate Court Franco Kiswaga, who presided over the case.

The magistrate noted that the prosecution presented two pieces of evidence and called eight witnesses who corroborated the charges against the defendant. The defendant himself testified without presenting any evidence.

Magistrate Kiswaga, with an extended jurisdiction to hear the case, stated that the defendant admitted to live with the deceased for seven years, acknowledging also of their conflicts. The defendant did not deny having a knife in his bag for three consecutive days, before committing crime.

Regarding the prosecution’s evidence, Magistrate Kiswaga pointed out the testimony of witness number one, the child, who recognised the defendant as their stepfather, witnessed seeing him stabbing their mother.

The child’s testimony was backed with the evidence from a police officer who arrived at the scene, saying he saw the deceased bleeding while a knife and cloth were nearby.

The Court emphasised that such direct evidences implicated the defendant because the it demonstrates his intent.

“This is direct evidence that the defendant was involved in the murder, and the Court finds him guilty and sentences him to death by hanging,” the magistrate concluded.

In the underlying case, it is alleged that on May 6, 2019, at Tabata Liwiti, Balanda intentionally murdered his partner, Selani Kondo, by stabbing her.

The prosecution claimed that after living together for seven years and enduring long-standing disputes, the deceased left with their eight-year-old child to live elsewhere at Tabata Liwiti.

On the day of the incident, the deceased and her child went to a store, where the defendant approached them, gave the child 500/-, and instructed the child to go and buy juice from a nearby shop, claiming he was having a conversation with the child’s mother.

Later on, after returning from a shop, the child witnessed the defendant retrieving a knife from his bag and stabbing the mother in the left shoulder before fleeing.

The child approached the mother, who was bleeding, and called for help, but by the time people arrived for help the mother had already died.

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