Makonda calls for GGML’s CSR endeavors to enrich Geita’s community fabric

ARUSHA:Arusha Regional Commissioner, Mr. Paul Makonda, has underscored the imperative for Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) to ensure that its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives yield tangible and enduring benefits for the residents of Geita Region and Tanzania as a whole.

During his visit to GGML’s pavilion at the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) exhibitions held at the General Tyre Grounds in Arusha, Makonda lauded the company’s commitment to showcasing technological innovations while also acknowledging its efforts in disseminating crucial information on occupational health and safety.

Addressing representatives from GGML, Makonda emphasized the need for the wealth generated in the region to translate into meaningful improvements in the lives of its inhabitants.

He urged Tanzanians employed at the mine to serve as agents of change, catalyzing progress for their fellow citizens residing in the vicinity of the mine.

Dr. Kiva Mvungi of GGML briefed Makonda on the company’s comprehensive CSR program, which encompasses initiatives in environment conservation, infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within GGML’s host communities.

Underlining GGML’s commitment to the region, Mvungi highlighted the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between GGML and local authorities, earmarking  19 bn/’ for CSR projects spanning 2022/2023.

A significant portion of these funds, amounting to 9.8bn/- has been allocated to Geita Town Council, with TZS 8.6 billion earmarked for Geita District Council。

Makonda commended GGML’s contributions to the improvement of education infrastructure in the region, citing the construction and renovation of numerous schools equipped with essential amenities such as washrooms, classrooms, canteens, and dormitories. Additionally, GGML’s provision of sanitary towels has positively impacted the well-being of students.

The Regional Commissioner attributed the fruition of these infrastructure projects to the collaborative efforts facilitated by amendments to the Mining Act in 2017.

This legislation mandated GGML, in partnership with local councils, to devise community service plans, accompanied by an annual allocation of 9.2bn/- for developmental endeavors.

In addition to educational initiatives, Dr. Kiva elucidated GGML’s allocation of funds for environmental conservation projects, amounting to 700m/-, as well as strategic endeavors targeting sectors such as fish farming, maternal and youth welfare, and support for the disadvantaged, with an allocation exceeding  1.5bn/-

Makonda lauded these multifaceted initiatives for their transformative impact on various sectors of the economy, heralding a new era of development and prosperity for the people of Geita.

Through sustained collaboration and commitment, GGML’s CSR endeavors serve as a beacon of hope, enriching the fabric of the local community and fostering sustainable growth.

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