Makonda issues CCM’s stance on sacked deputy minister Gekul

DAR ES SALAAM: Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) has declared its readiness to take decisive action against Member of Parliament for Urban Babati, Paulina Gekul, if the allegations of torture and mistreatment leveled against her are substantiated.

The announcement was made by the ruling party’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Paul Makonda, during a press briefing in Dar es Salaam on Monday.

Makonda asserted that CCM operates within a structured framework of procedures and rules, and any action taken against the lawmaker would follow the party’s established processes.

“In light of the accusations against the lawmaker, the party has its own procedures and regulations. There are different levels within the party, including branches, districts, and regions. When it comes to the national level, we will provide information accordingly,” stated Makonda.

He further elaborated on the party’s commitment to upholding ethical standards, saying, “The rules are in place, and there are dedicated teams handling disciplinary and moral issues. If any deviation occurs, the established procedures will take their course.”

However, Makonda urged patience as the investigation unfolds, assuring the public that CCM will act judiciously based on the outcome of the inquiry.

The MP in question, Paulina Gekul, stands accused of torturing and mistreating one of her employees, Hashim Philemon.

Following an interrogation at Babati Police Station on Sunday, she was released on bail.

The video footage depicting Philemon’s allegations had gone viral on social media, prompting swift reactions from both the public and the ruling party.

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