Majaliwa Stadium officially open

THE Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has officially opened Majaliwa Stadium in Ruangwa, Lindi and it is now ready to host the Premier League matches after meeting the criteria set by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF).

During the launch over the weekend the Prime Minister commended the residents of Ruangwa District for their full participation whereby each resident contributed 20/- for a kilo of every crop to enable the re-construction of the arena.

The stadium is located in Nachingwea Ward and is used by Namungo for their home matches.

“The government set aside the budget for the reconstruction of the stadium due to the recommendations of TFF and people also participated by providing 20/- for every kilo of cash crop sold,” he said.

The Minister noted that as Namungo is a big team; this made the residents and the government come up with the idea of the re-constructing the stadium that will help the team to reach further.

Despite being launched, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Information officer, Clifford Ndimbo said the licensing committee must review it and be satisfied with the re-construction, after that, they will return to TTF for them to go ahead and use the stadium.

“The licensing committee is the one responsible to check the stadium if it has standards; then they will return to us and give the feedback if the stadium meets the standards,” he said.

Recently, TFF unveiled new season regulations with some amendments, Ndimbo added that after the construction of any stadium completes, it takes 14 days for the players to use the grounds.

On his part, the Football Association Secretary in Lindi region, Juma Nandonde said that they are waiting for the licensing committee and TFF to cross-check and see if the stadium is qualified for it to be used.

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