Majaliwa orders legal action against wayward pastoralists

LINDI: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has instructed Lindi Regional Police Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) John Makuri to ensure the arrest and prosecution of all pastoralists who graze their animals in farms and cause crop damage.

The PM issued the directives on Wednesday while addressing citizens in Namkatila, Matambarale and Nandandala villages as part of his tour to inspect development projects in Ruangwa District, Lindi Region.

Mr Majaliwa stated that such actions, which have resulted in food shortages, are in violation of the law.

“The government is watchful, and it will take action against anyone who disrupts the activities of others.

Tanzania respects the rule of law, regulations and procedures.

Therefore, all village executives must ful- fill their responsibilities to prevent unnecessary conflicts,” charged Mr Majaliwa.

“We will continue to protect our citizens. If you follow the procedures, there won’t be any problems.Let us respect the laws,” Majaliwa said.

He emphasised that no one is exempt from the law and that all citizens are equal.

The villages have been heavily affected by land disputes between farmers and pastoralists, resulting in the death of a farmer.

“The government will not tolerate pastoralists who break the law and will not allow farmers’ crops to continue being destroyed,” warned the PM, adding; “Such actions are unacceptable and strict measures will be taken against anyone with ill intentions of disrupting peace.”

“We will not pardon a herdsman who uses his herd- ing stick to beat a farmer after allowing his livestock to feed on the farmer’s land. We do not want to witness such ac- tions. Procedures must be fol- lowed, and we must put an end to the conflicts between pastoralists and farmers. Let farmers continue to cultivate and harvest. We should not defend wrongdoing,” insisted Mr Majaliwa.

He clarified that the gov- ernment’s emphasis on valuing agriculture and livestock activities in the country does not mean that pastoralists are allowed to graze their animals in farms or that farmers are permitted to harm livestock.

The Premier emphasised that both groups should conduct their activities in ac- cordance with the law and established procedures, since, the government has already developed a land use plan, allocating areas for various purposes such as residential areas, social services, agricul- ture and livestock.

He stated that village executives should ensure that they have sufficient space for pastoralist activities before al- lowing them into their areas, and they should involve the villagers in the process and be aware of the number of livestock in their respective areas.

Mr Majaliwa called on citizens to continue their agri- cultural activities, as the government is vigilant and will continue to enhance security in their areas, including their villages.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister echoed President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s em- phasis that citizens should have access to essential services near their areas.

He pledged that the gov- ernment, in collaboration with other government offi- cials, will ensure that all development projects are well supervised and completed according to the agreed-upon standards.

Majaliwa was responding to a concern raised by Namilema villagers, who requested his support in completing the construction of a dispensary that the villagers themselves have been building.

The PM instructed Ruangwa District Executive Director, Frank Chonya, to ensure the completion of the dispensary.

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