Majaliwa launches emergency building at Ruangwa hospital

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has launched an emergency building at Ruangwa District Hospital which has been constructed at a cost of 390m/-.

Speaking to Ruangwa residents yesterday during the launch of the building, the Premier expressed satisfaction with the construction work and purchase of modern equipment.

“All these are the results of good work being done by our President, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan which has helped to make our district one of the fastest growing districts in the country,” he said.

The PM also asked the residents to be custodians of the infrastructure and medical equipment purchased so that they can continue to provide quality and reliable services.

“This area has 100 acres. I request you to protect the equipment installed at the facility and you should not be involved in any plan which aims at holding back these efforts,” he said.

The Deputy Minister for Health, Dr Godwin Mollel said in a period of one year, the sixth phase government has provided 51.4bn/-  for construction of national and zonal hospitals.

“For regional hospitals nationwide, our president has provided 54.2bn/- and 290.9bn/- for equipment,” he said.

On the other hand, the Deputy Minister in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Dr Festo Dugange said that the new building is one of the 80 buildings constructed in the country using the Covid-19 relief funds. In Lindi region, similar buildings have also been constructed in Liwale and Kilwa districts.

He said in the first phase, the district received 2.9bn/- whose facilities have been completed and now President Samia has brought in 800m/- for construction of modern wards that will have modern equipment as well.

Earlier, Ruangwa District Medical Officer, Dr Salvio Wikesi said the project is expected to have 22 buildings which are expected to cost 7.5bn/-.

“The hospital is continuing with the construction of five buildings in the third phase, which are the emergency building, the surgery building, the mortuary building, the men’s surgery ward building and the women’s surgery ward,” he explained.

He said to date the project has cost 390.72m/-, which is an increase in equipments and 90.72m/- which has been used to improve the hospital compound.

Dr Wikesi said that along with the completion of the building, the government also provided modern medical equipment and the Ministry of Health will provide an x-ray machine and sterilization machine among others.

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