Mafia District acquires new VETA college

THE Government has completed construction of a Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) college in Mafia District that has cost a total of 3bn/-.

The new development is part of Government’s efforts to deal with the challenge of unemployment among youths in the country.

Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Mr Omar Kipanga, said the college at Ndagoni area is expected to start operations in January next year.

“Construction activities of this college are almost completed and what we are for at the moment is to receive various technicians including teachers as well as different teaching and learning tools for the studies to start,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the District Executive Director (DED), Mr Mohammed Hussein who is the District Planning Officer, said that the new college is going to save majority of youths in the district who have lost hope.

“We are very grateful for what our government is doing to ensure that our youths have access to education which will equip them with skills which they can use to earn income”, he said.

He added that the council was going to give its full support to make sure that the college remains operational and at the   same time continue to support youths through loans from Council’s own sources.

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