Madimba gas production capacity increases by two folds    

PRODUCTION of natural gas at Madimba Gas Processing Plant rose from 45 cubic feet in 2015 to 105 cubic feet in 2023, Plant Manager Engineer Sultan Pwaga has said.

He made the revelation over the weekend here, noting that the production is expected to increase further as government starts extraction of the natural gas at Ntorya Gas field in Mtwara Region.

“The production started in 2015 and by then we were producing only 45 cubic feet and up to now the production has reached 105 cubic feet and we are expecting further increase as we start receiving more natural gas from Ntorya Gas Field,” he said.

Eng Pwaga was speaking to students with oil and gas school clubs in Mtwara Region. The students had visited the plant to lean about natural gas production and the important role natural gas plays in energy production in Mtwara and the country at large.

He told the students that the Natural Gas Processing Plant (Madimba) operated by GASPO, a subsidiary of the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) is a very crucial plant that should be strictly operated and governed by locals towards promoting sustainable development.

He asked the students to work hard especially on science, technologies, engineering among other subjects and careers towards positioning themselves to take over jobs from the plant including other areas of oil and gas activities

He said oil and gas industry has so many working areas that requires many experts including engineers, administrative, finances, humans resources among others insisting the need for students especially those from Mtwara Region to study hard and get inspired to seek jobs at Madimba Gas Processing Plant and other areas involved in the exploration, production and supply of natural gas and oil.

TPDC Oil and Gas School Clubs Programme Coordinator Mr Oscar Mwakasege said the clubs were formed by TPDC to promote public awareness on oil and gas activities conducted in Mtwara Region and elsewhere in the country.

“We (TPDC) formed seventeen oils and gas clubs involving students from secondary schools in Lindi and Mtwara with the aim to introduce them as the next generation to oil and gas activities in Mtwara Region,” he said.

On the other hand, Mr Mwakasege said the formation of the clubs helps the students to be aware and lean about oils and gas projects being executed in Lind and Mtwara.

Some of the projects being implemented by TPDC in Mtwara and Lindi include Envisage Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Lindi, Gas Distribution project Lindi and Mtwara and construction of gas pipeline from Ntorya to Madimba Gas Processing Plant.

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