Lugalo, DGC shine in TPC Golf Open

LUGALO Club golfer Isihaka Daudi emerged the overall gross winner of the just ended TPC Golf Open held in Moshi.

Daudi, who grossed 144 strokes, said he was delighted with the victory and that other players should work harder to attain the feat in next events.

Ally David from TPC Club on the other hand was the overall gross runner with 145 strokes, while the third place prize went to Victor Joseph of Gymkhana Club of Dar-es-salaam who grossed 146 strokes.

Frank Mwinuka of Lugalo won the professionals’ category, while the runner up was Elisante Lembris of Arusha Gymkhana Club.

Nuru Mollel also from Arusha Gymkhana Club clinched the third prize.

The Lady Category’s gross winner was Neema Olomi from Arusha Gymkhana.

A total of 95 players teed off in the TPC Golf Open staged for two days in the course.

The participating teams include the Moshi Golf Club; Arusha Gymkhana Golf Club, Dar Gymkhana Golf Club, the Lugalo Golf Club, Morogoro Gymkhana Golf Club, Kilombero Golf Club, Mufindi Golf Club and the host, TPC Golf Club of Moshi.

The event was bankrolled by CRDB Bank whose Kilimanjaro Regional Products Manager Felix Kisena said the financial institution has been supporting golf for over 10 years now.

“We intend to continue to support golf with an aim of promoting the events and supporting players as well as helping the community through sports,” he said.

There were a number of winning categories during the TPC Golf Open 2022 in Moshi.

The listed winners’ categories include overall winner gross, overall gross runner-up, overall winner net, division winners and runner ups, senior winners, top lady golfers and junior winners.

But aside from golf competitions, the TPC Management has started special programs to recruit, initiate and train young and upcoming golfers and until now there are over 56 children and youth undergoing the golf training sessions in Moshi.

“We are also recruiting young players aged between 5 and 17 years, for free golf training programs,” said the TPC Golf Captain, Jafari Ally

In addition to providing the youngsters with free golfing courses, TPC also issues out sporting equipment and other relevant support to the young and upcoming golfers.

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