LSF supports education in Longido

ARUSHA: NAMANGA Secondary School in Longido District on Friday inaugurated its new dormitory building constructed through the support by the Legal Services Facility (LSF) and North-South Cooperation from Luxembourg.

The support aims to enhance school infrastructure, enabling students, particularly girls, to realise their right to quality education and providing safe environment to achieve their dreams.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, LSF Executive Director Lulu Ng’wanakilala said that, “Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of Namanga Secondary School as we gather to celebrate the inauguration of this dormitory building. It’s an honour to witness the fruition of our collective efforts in providing better facilities for the students.” She extended her sincere gratitude to the government of Luxembourg through the North South Cooperation for its generous support.

“This dormitory stands as a testament to our commitment to ensuring that every child has access to justice and their rights, including a conducive learning environment. We will continue our efforts to support marginalised communities, particularly women and girls, while unlocking their potential and opening doors to endless opportunities,” Ms Ng’wanakilala said.

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On his part, the Founder and General Manager of the North-South Cooperation, Roberto Marta, said; “We are pleased with our partnership with LSF, which has yielded tremendous results over the past two years.

Today, we are delighted to witness the inauguration of the new dormitory for girls at Namanga Secondary School. We are happy to see that Maasai girls will now have a conducive environment for their studies.” He added; “The Luxembourg government is proud to support initiatives that enhance social and economic livelihoods.

“We believe that education is the cornerstone of development and progress and we are committed to continuing our support for projects that foster growth and unlock potential in marginalised communities. This dormitory stands as a testament to our shared vision of a brighter future for all students.” Longido District Commissioner, Marko Ng’umbi, who was also a guest of honour, stated: “Today is a day of celebration and pride for the community of Longido.

The new dormitory at Namanga Secondary School represents not just a building, but a beacon of hope and opportunity for our students.” “The LSF, in partnership with North-South Cooperation and supported by the Luxembourg government, conducts a programme dubbed “Wanawake Tunaweza,” the Longido DC added.

The programme aims to empower women socially and economically by providing capital for their businesses, skills, and capacity building to strengthen their businesses. It also addresses harmful cultural practices that oppress women and girls and tackles gender-based violence in the community.

Furthermore, the project seeks to empower girls to realise their dreams by improving school infrastructure, such as dormitories for girls, ensuring their safety from gender-based violence while at school and promoting environmental sustainability through tree planting.

Over 240 girls will benefit from the two dormitories built at Namanga and Lekule Secondary Schools in Longido.

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