Local form attracts global players in agriculture sector

Jaribu Investment Company Limited, a local company has invited various dealers across the world to purchase agricultural products from Tanzania.

Speaking to the Daily News, the company’s Executive Director Mr Felix Bundala said that they have been transporting their goods to various countries including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Vietnam, China, India and South Africa.

Explaining on agricultural produce being traded by the company, he mentioned sesame, peas, cashew nuts and beans.

“In the search for customers, we have been participating in various exhibitions, conferences and meetings…We have our warehouse in Ubungo, Dar es Salaam where we preserve the crops,” Mr Bundala said.

Additionally, he said that the companies also sells animal feeds product such as wheat bran, rice bran, cotton leftovers as well as sunflower leftovers.

Jaribu Company was found in 2016 with the purpose of promoting local farmers through purchasing their crops from locals and exporting them globally.

On the other side, Mr Bundala challenged farmers to adopt techniques that will enable them to preserve their produces after harvesting.

“Market needs quality crops so there is a need to invest on post harvesting,” he noted.

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