Livestock fattening schemes to beef up sector production

THE National Ranching Company (NARCO) Limited is contemplating to embark on a major project for introducing at least 100 livestock fattening schemes at its ranches countrywide.

The envisaged initiative that seeks to absorb around 300 fresh livestock graduate youths, is part of the prolonged efforts by the state – owned company to promote performance of the livestock sector in the country and to provide the livestock graduates with potential opportunities to put their acquired-class theories into practice.

NARCO Director General (DG), Professor Peter Msoffe, said that the company has decided to implement the project with a patriotic spirit, to elevate performance of the vital economic sector within the country.

“As per the project design, we expect that each scheme will possess between 1,000 to 4,000 acres,” he said.

Professor Msoffe further informed that NARCO is now looking for possibilities to source enough funds in order to ensure the project is being implemented successfully.

“Through the project NARCO will reach the intended youth with all necessary facilities and infrastructures, whereby the role of the youth will be to perform livestock fattening and then market them at different locations,” he unveiled.

He said that according to the envisaged plan within the scheme, the responsibility of the youth, among others, will be based on livestock fattening and pasture production.

Dwelling on the other envisaged project, Prof Msoffe informed that NARCO was in a process to establish ranches in all regions with no ranches across the country.

“Currently we’re holding talks with authorities in several regions over the possibilities to get chunk and favourable land for the establishment of ranches and some of the regions are showing willingness to cooperate with us,” he expressed.

He said so far, the company has already communicated with seven Regional Commissioners (RCs) in seven regions, saying all of them are cooperating well.

The National Ranching Company Limited (NARCO) is a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries responsible for large scale commercial ranching in the country.

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