LHRC trains 300 women on digital technology

THE Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) has provided digital and technological training to more than 300 women to help them widen their business scope.

The training was provided this week to 14 groups of women at Bagamoyo Council in Coast Region.

LHRC Executive Director Ms Anna Henga said the training was part of the activities ahead of the International Women’s Day which is marked on March 8 every year.

Ms Henga said women have been contributing significantly to the development of the society, thus the digital training will help them to grab various opportunities arising from technological changes.

“The digital and technological training will give them opportunities to develop themselves and be able to contribute to the development of their communities,” she said.

Ms Henga said the Coast Region was one of the areas with most women engaging in various economic activities to any income and also a region with many women entrepreneural groups   which are empowered through the loans provided by the councils.

“Empowering coastal women through council loans and training them on how to use the money will help to boost their economic status.

The training also helps Coastal women to get leadership skills and be a driving force for girls to realize the importance of education and removing barriers towards accessing education,” she noted.

Ms Henga however noted that  many of these women’s businesses are stuck due to the use of outdated business practices that do not involve the use of digital technologies.

She further said that the 71 female councillors have continued to work hard to liberate women and continue to use their voices to liberate more women economically, politically and socially.

Ms Henga said in recognition of the legal challenges women face, the LHRC will also provide legal assistance to all women with legal challenges so that they can recognize their rights and be legally supported.

Ms Henga said LHRC was calling on women to remain confident and take advantage of the opportunities available to develop themselves and ensure that they receive adequate education on issues that matter to them including technology.

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