Let’s see how global signing works

TANZANIA Premier League continues to skyrocket by attracting players from football powerhouse countries who are ready to offer their services to promote the domestic league globally.

The unfolding season has witnessed many new faces drawn from different parts of the universe who are trading on Tanzania soil, a development which to a large extent helps to scale up the country’s football.

This has been made possible bearing in mind that success in this business requires heavy investment both on and off the pitch through hiring quality players with potential to easily withstand the country’s football.

Debutants Singida Big Stars have surprised many people with high profile transfers they have made so far after invading Brazilian skills and bringing on board three players who are already making it big in the league.

As this was not enough, they stormed Argentina and recruited attacking midfielder Miguel Escober who was officially paraded on Friday as their new asset ready to help the Singida outfits achieve their set up objectives of the season.

Argentina is well known in the world of football as they produce classic players who make it big in this game and it is where one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi hails from. As such, attracting players from Argentina to trade in the domestic league is a powerful message that things are moving well.

Here, it means people from Argentina and Brazil will be keenly following the country’s premier league in order to establish how their players are progressing hence increasing the number of followers worldwide which is what a football loving country of Tanzania’s caliber deserves.

The three players from Brazil are Peterson Cruz, Dario Frederico and Rodrigo Figu who seem to have already understood the league’s rhythm basing on the level of performance displayed in the opening two matches of the league.

The Singida giants are among the teams on the log to have completed major signings as they aim to make it big in the premier league no wonder are not afraid to invade football reputable countries.

Likewise, Simba, Young Africans and Azam have made a number of good signings which on the other hand are helping to popularise the domestic league to reach all parts of the world.

For Simba, they have gone all the way to Serbia where they have hired the services of striker Dejan Georgijevic whose arrival in the country has facilitated popularity of the Tanzania league among the Serbians.

In the same token, Yanga have brought on board former English Premier League player Gael Bigirimana who once traded at Newcastle United but now is doing what he likes most on Tanzania soil and all these are indicators that the league is slowly becoming heavyweight.

However, in return, football fraternity are expecting these imported players to really show what is installed in their legs so that promising young footballers should learn from them, meaning that any under-perfomance from them will not be healthy in enhancing domestic football.

They want to see their real potential to fit the name ‘imported player’ considering the fact that if one is recruited from as far away as Brazil, Argentina and Serbia, they must have extra skills which could not be easily found in the country in order for the domestic players to borrow a leaf from.

In other words, if these hired players fail to impress in the league and end up displaying poor performance, then without doubt, it will be a disgrace for the promotion of the league as no impact will be seen from them.

“If our league is able to accommodate players from reputable football nations, it means we are growing and heading in the right direction,” remarked former footballer Amri Kiemba.

He added that the influx of foreign based players is being facilitated due to the fact that the league pays well hence the reason players from as far as Brazil are willing to land here and work for their families and their own well being.

Another good thing for the promotion of Tanzania sports is that the government has shown strong interest to provide a helping hand where they are needed to do so and this is what governments of countries which have made it big in football are doing.

Tangible success in this sector cannot be seen if the government is sidelined because they help to make friendly policies capable of accommodating both local and international investors who are ready to invest in sports discipline.

Yes, so far, so good…at least a light could be seen at the end of the tunnel as the sports industry continues to flourish, many people do benefit because they are involved in one way or the other.

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