Let’s join forces in rescue efforts and comforting Hanang residents

ON December 3, 2023 Tanzanians woke up to the shocking news following the tragedy that hit Katesh residents in Hanang District, Manyara Region after mudslide killed 63 people.

The tragedy befell the district after overnight torrential rains pounded the area causing debris flows, mudslides, landslides and rockfall from Mount Hanang.

The torrential rain is also reported to have caused a slice of Mount Hanang to collapse, with the raging mud covering homes and anything that stood its path.

Geographically, steep slopes are prone to all sorts of mass movements, such as soil erosion, debris flows, mud and landslides, rockfall, torrents and snow avalanches in other continents.

Until yesterday evening 63 people were confirmed to have lost their lives and 116 others injured from the disaster. Hundreds of people were also displaced.

According to Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, Tanzania experienced similar tragedy for the first time in 1990 when rains pounded Ndanda area in Mtwara Region.

When tragedies of this nature strike humanitarian aid must be delivered to the victims as quickly as possible.

According to authorities, rescue efforts led by members of Tanzania People’s Defence Army (TPDF) were ongoing but additional support is definitely needed.

As rescue efforts are going on, we call upon Tanzanians, in one way or the other, to find a way to contribute towards availing humanitarian aid to the victims, considering the fact that such people have lost their property, including shelter, food and cloths.

The affected communities are now in need of access to clean water, cloths, food, shelter, gender-segregated community latrines and water stations to provide access to clean and safe facilities.

Records show Tanzanians have always been coming together when natural disasters strike.

Memories are still fresh on how Tanzanians and other stakeholders joined forces to assist victims when the devastating earthquake hit Kagera Region on 10 September 2016.

Apart from offering financial aid, stakeholders offered tarpaulins for shelter, mosquito nets to reduce the risk to the affected population, first aid kits as well as psychosocial assistance.

In the same spirit, let’s come together to help Hanang District residents.

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