Let’s fully participate in Vision 2050 preparations

TANZANIA: TANZANIANS are currently giving their views that will be considered in the preparations of the country’s Development Vision 2050, as the current vision comes to an end in 2025.

The document, which is being prepared, is an articulation of a desirable future condition or situation which a nation envisages to attain and the plausible course of action to be taken for its achievement.

It is a document that seeks to actively mobilise the people and other resources towards the achievement of shared goals.

A shared vision arouses people’s aspirations and creates the spark that lifts the nation out of the mundane. In the process, the Vision instils the courage and determination to rise to challenges at the individual, community and national levels.

The Vision is a vehicle of hope and an inspiration for motivating the people to search and work harder for the betterment of their livelihood and for posterity.

According to economists, the vision describes what a country desires to achieve in the long-run, generally in a time frame of five to ten years, or sometimes even longer. We fully understand that since the government kicked off the exercise of collecting views, various groups of people, entities and individuals have offered their opinions.

The objective of the Development Vision is to awaken, co-ordinate and direct the people’s efforts, minds and the national resources towards those core sectors that will enable us attain our development goals and withstand the expected intensive economic competition ahead of us.

But as we continue giving out our views that will be considered in the Vision 2050, we have to understand that we are now living in the 21st century, a century that is now characterised by competition.

Today we witness nations, with advanced technological capacity, high productivity, modern and efficient transport and communication infrastructure and, above all highly skilled manpower imbued with initiative, performing well economically.

The good news is that Tanzania is taking deliberate measures to ensure it becomes active participant in the global developments of the twenty-first century.

Massive investment carried out by the government in the areas of transport infrastructure, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), health, education, water and agriculture indicate that Tanzania indeed participates in the global developments.

If we are to be active participants in the global developments of the twenty-first century we must, as a Nation, find ways of improving and strengthening ourselves in all areas of development. It is necessary, therefore, that this Development Vision is shared and supported by all Tanzanians.

However, it is equally important to emphasise that as we prepare the new Vision, national unity, cohesion and tranquility must be given special emphasis.

No nation in the world has ever developed if its population faces insecurity.

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