Let us cherish Ngorongoro status

NGORONGORO Conservation Area has a new lovely status after winning hearts and souls of tourists globally, by being placed on top of bucket list of allures of the world.

It is a key tourist attraction.

Ngorongoro Crater is the Tripadvisor travellers’ choice ‘Best of the Best’

2023, according to the world’s leading travel platform, serving about 400 million tourists per month.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) is a state-owned organisation under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and was solely established to preserve, conserve, protect, and manage the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s natural beauty while also striving to make it the world’s top tourism destination.

With the NCAA management, people from all over the world can make Ngorongoro Conservation Area their best option for next holidays. The organisation uses an international system to preserve and protect the cultural treasures and natural resources of the NCA, creating a friendly atmosphere for both domestic and foreign tourists, students, researchers, as well as tourism and environmental conservation stakeholders.

The new status was not given to Ngorongoro just for the sake of it; but it is a result of hard work, commitment and determination of leaders and staff of the institution to conserve the nature and make it more appealing to the outside world.

We must cherish this spirit, and every Tanzanian should be part and parcel of taking Ngorongoro even further through different means, one of them being good ambassadors of Ngorongoro and Tanzania tourism sector generally.

It is understood that NCAA has made it easier for the NCA’s visitors to enjoy a plethora of tourist attractions and activities when visiting Tanzania and decide to include NCA on their to-visit list.

Without a doubt, this is the only destination with more tourist attractions and wonderful activities than any other tourist destinations. Ngorongoro Volcano blew its top millions of years ago, leaving behind the world’s largest intact caldera.

We as Tanzanians are proud that conservation efforts and sustainability programmes have led to the achievement of several international recognitions and awards for the NCA. Geopark’s global recognition clearly indicates that NCA is the best destination for people to spend their vacation in Tanzania. They should definitely trust NCAA’s staff to provide them with the best tourism services that are worth paying for.

Inside the crater—covering more than 100 square miles—is an ecosystem that is home to over 25,000 wild animals. Tourists get great chances of spotting lions, as there’s a higher density there than anywhere else on earth, along with leopards. Black rhinos are also a common sight, as are hippos, zebras, hyenas, Tripadvisor wrote.

It is in Ngorongoro that there are signs of the first known human ancestor, who walked the plains 1.9 million years ago, nearby Olduvai Gorge. Kudos NCA, let us cherish this.

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