Let footwork speak after transfer end

AFTER the closure of the mini-transfer window, it is now a moment for the football fraternity to analyse which teams have sealed good business on the market by strictly following their progress in competitive matches.

The window despite ending calmly has witnessed many deals completed on recruiting both domestic and international players simply to recharge squads and make them stronger as the season goes to its last stages.

Since football is an open game, it is now the responsibility of people to see the effect of the signed players and how they are going to help their new sides do well in different contests they will be exposed to.

For Simba and Young Africans, it was inevitable for them to go on the transfer market and sample out the qualities they need as they have three major football competitions; Premier League, Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC), and CAF Interclub tournaments.

In regard to this, they have to have a strong group of players who can easily withstand the tempo of such matches and in the end stamp remarkable results.

This time, Tanzanians have a strong belief that their two envoys in CAF games will do better than they did in the previous years. But in order for the envoys to shine in the international competitions, they have to create strong squads that can consistently win.

Already, Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has hailed the mini-transfer window as ‘successful.’ The federation’s Media and Communication Officer Clifford Ndimbo made the statement recently in Dar es Salaam as he praised clubs for amicably following transfer procedures.

“Everything has been done smoothly even though we used to receive calls from different clubs wishing our guidance to enable them to fulfill their deals.

“As a federation, we were providing the necessary support to them and so far, I can say that the exercise has been completed well,” he said.

He added that even those clubs which were finalising their transfers on the deadline managed to seal them at ease. “As you know, the mini transfer window is there for clubs to make minor adjustments in their teams that is why not each club goes on the market.

“For those which saw no reason to seek for new blood, they were not active at all because it is not mandatory to bring on board fresh legs during the brief transfer period,” Ndimbo noted.

However, they say recruitment of players is similar to gambling such that a player can perform well at his past club but fail to shine at the new club or vice versa hence people should judge them on the pitch and not papers. A number of factors contribute to this like a need to have ample time to adapt to the new playing environment especially for those players who are making their debut spell in the premier league.

In this respect, what happens after making the deals matters most and therefore we must let the footwork speak volumes for the newly acquired players.

No matter how many big names a team has acquired, the sports fraternity in the end would like to see their team doing well on the pitch and if such players fail to impress, their trust is waved away immediately.

Being a sports-loving nation, Tanzanians are always anxious to see the best from their representatives either at the national or club level and one wonders how delighted they will be if their own side wins a major international trophy.

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