Legislators push for quality, standard menstrual pads for girls

ZANZIBAR: IN the wake of increasing donation of menstrual sanitary pads for girls in the country, members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives have asked authorities to ensure that the pads meet the required standards to avoid giving out substandard sanitary items to the teens.

“We thank donors, private institutions and NGOs that are helping our children to access sanitary pads, but the authorities should ensure that the imported pads meet all the required quality standards,” backbenchers led by Mr Ameir Abdallah Ameir cautioned.

In response, Deputy Minister for Health, Mr Hassan Khamis Hafidh explained that his ministry through, the Zanzibar Foods and Drugs Agency (ZFDA), keeps an open eye on the quality of the sanitary pads.

“We check for the quality, safety and effectiveness of medical equipment that are produced or imported in the country including sanitary towels donated to girls.”

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He informed the House that they have also set conditions that require people or entities that want to donate such items to submit samples to the ZFDA laboratory for examination and approval before allowing the importation and distribution to girls.

He said that after lab tests, the ZFDA issues permit to the donors.

He said ZFDA has so far issued permits to several donors who wanted to import female towels for distribution to schools.

Zanzibar Maisha Bora Foundation (ZMBF), C-Weed Foundation and Asma Mwinyi Foundation are some of the NGOs with permits to import and distribute sanitary pads

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