La Liga East Africa Cup in full swing

ARUSHA: THE excitement of football reaches new heights as La Liga, the Spanish Soccer League, gears up for the second season of the La Liga East Africa Cup.

In Tanzania, the qualifying events are in full swing, with the finals set to electrify Arusha on Saturday this week. The La Liga East Africa Cup is not just a competition, it’s a platform for youth clubs for both boys and girls to showcase their talents.

The action commenced last Saturday, spanning across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The grand regional finals are slated for Nairobi in May this year.

In the northern highlands of Tanzania, eight teams are competing for glory in the La Liga Arusha tournament, with four girls’ clubs and four boys’ teams battling for the ticket to represent the country in the Nairobi finals. The age range of the participants in the La Liga Arusha tournament falls between 15 and 17 years old.

The Future Stars Academy of Arusha, led by Director Alfred Itaeli, spearheads the Tanzanian leg of the La Liga East Africa Cup. The mission is to unearth new talents annually in collaboration with Spanish La Liga.

Participating in the La Liga Arusha are eight formidable teams, including Arusha 05, Future Stars, New Vision Academy, and Young Life Academy for the boys, and Edmund Rice School team, Future Stars, Rotary Emayani Queens, and Simba Footprints Queens for the girls.

The Aga Khan Community Centre and the Selian grounds respectively serve as the battlegrounds for this thrilling soccer event. This year, Tanzania, the winners of the boys’ and girls’ categories respectively will represent the nation in the ultimate East African finals.

The La Liga International Development envoy for Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi, Jorge Gazap, reaffirmed the league’s commitment to soccer development in East Africa.

Through La Liga grassroots initiatives, they strive to nurture and elevate young talent across the region. With ambitions to transform the festivals into international tournaments, La Liga and its East African counterparts are dedicated to ensuring excellence in football development. As the games unfold, the passion and spirit of football unite communities and inspire dreams of greatness on the pitch.

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