Kudos to Z’bar for health care transformation

HEALTH care is conventionally regarded as an important determinant in promoting the general physical, mental and social well-being of people around the world and can contribute to a significant part of a country’s economy, development and industrialisation when efficient.

Health services are one of the fundamental sectors of society and the economy. It is endorsed as one of the fundamental principles of the human rights; so is social protection. Providing social health protection and equal access to quality health care has significant positive effects on individuals and public health, economic growth and development.

The health sector is also a major employment sector, with important potential in job creation. Good health improves people’s wellbeing, healthy workers are more productive and healthy students learn better.

Governments in the world have been trying much to their abilities to ensure quality health delivery to people of their countries year in year out, in spite of budgetary challenges, given there are also other priorities.

Zanzibar is no exceptional in this; in fact it has registered much success in different areas of the sector. As President Hussein Mwinyi said on Friday, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar is taking various measures to improve the health sector and workers welfare with the aim of increasing efficiency.

We have witnessed Zanzibar strengthening the health sector through budgetary improvement and construction of district and regional hospitals. The isles government is also carrying out major renovation of health facilities in Unguja and Pemba islands.

The government through the Ministry of Health has started employing nurses to address shortage of the professionals, pledging to employ more in the next financial year. We have also witnessed the government increasing the number of employment posts for medical doctors and other workers in the health sector and facilitate training programmes.

The government is also working hard to purchase modern medical equipment, as Dr Mwinyi called upon nurses and other health workers to support the government in its endeavour to provide better services to the citizens.

Those are great strides in the isles and the government deserves accolades. In order to make it sustainable, there is a need for more cooperation of the health sector and other sectors. This is needed as a means to ensure the country has healthy people who can fully engage in economic activities, earn fine living and see government coffers loaded from proceeds of the economic activities.

Zanzibar is proud to develop a health care system that provides services to all. It is not only an ethical and social imperative, but also a necessary ingredient for the sustainable long-term development of the economy, so it is correct to say that health care is one of the most important and dynamic growth sectors in the economy. Kudos to the Zanzibar Government.

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