Korea donates hostel for female students in Pemba

ZANZIBAR: THE Zanzibar Minister for Agriculture, Irrigation and Natural Resources, Mr Shamata Shaame Khamis has commended the Republic of Korea for its efforts to support the Isles, especially in the education sector.

Mr Khamis said Zanzibar has been benefitting a lot from the support including education which remains a key to development.

“We thank Korea through its ‘Korea International Cooperative Agency (KOICA) for being supportive of our government,” he said.

Mr Khamis said this at Chwaka Tumbe Secondary School, where, on behalf of the Minister for Information, Culture and Sports, Ms Tabia Maulid Mwita, laid a foundation stone for the construction of girls’ hostel, built by the Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) with the funding from KOICA. The construction is almost complete.

The event was among activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1964 revolution, which climaxed last Friday. Zanzibar adopted a Free Education policy in September 1964 after the revolution.

The agriculture minister informed the audience that the Revolution of 1964 has brought freedom, unity, peace and cohesion, so it is good to protect and defend its values for the benefit of all Zanzibaris.

He said due to the importance of education, the Zanzibar government has been making various efforts to improve the learning environment including the construction of modern buildings along with consideration of improving teachers’ welfare so that they can do their job better.

Mr Khamis said that the construction of the hostel will enable students to have more time to study and excel in their studies.

He told students the hostel would help them study and do well in examinations since they would be in school and get enough time to study.

He also thanked KOICA for building toilets for Chwaka, Tumbe and Shumba Vyamboni secondary schools.

The KFHI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ms Sommie Koh said that they will be happy with the completion of the hostel for girls in Chwaka Tumbe School as it will help them get the opportunity to go through their studies.

She asked teachers to scale up their efforts in teaching to enable the girls to achieve their academic dreams.

On his part, the Director of KOICA-Tanzania Office Mr Jongbun Joo said Tanzania is one of the countries that has been benefiting from their projects.

“KFHI, with KOICA funding, have been able to build two hostels, including the one in Chwaka Tumbe in Pemba and the other in Mtule in Unguja,” said Mr Jongbun.

He promised that KOICA will continue to be closer to the government in supporting various projects for the development of Tanzanians.

Regional Commissioner (RC) for North Pemba Ms Salama Mbarouk Khatib also thanked KOICA for their support, while calling on parents to play their role in supporting and encouraging their children to study hard so that they can excel and achieve their goals in education.

On his part, the Zanzibar Deputy Principal Secretary (PS), Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Dr Mwanakhamis Adam Ameir, said the construction of the hostel started in June 2023 and more than 337m/- has been spent for her project.

He said that the hostel, already equipped with beds and mattresses, can accommodate 80 female students.

He thanked KFHI and KOICA for their great support to the government in various sectors including education.

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