KOICA hands over volunteers’ projects to improve the learning environment

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has handed over its volunteering project to improve the learning environment at Oyster-bay Pre-Primary School in Dar es Salaam.

The agency, through its volunteers, has been implementing the Human and Physical Environment Improvement and Support Development Integration of Young Children project at the school since last year and it ends this year.

KOICA Country Director, Manshik Shin, said one of the ways KOICA supports the government of Tanzania is by dispatching Korean volunteers to work in the country.

Since KOICA began sending volunteers to Tanzania more than 2000 volunteers have been dispatched most of them working in schools and hospitals across different towns in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

Mr Shin, therefore, noted that three volunteers, Ms Jerin An, Ms Seong-se Kim and Ms Heyonsu Jang were dispatched to Oysterbay Primary/Kindergarten School last year as part of KOICA project volunteers’ programme, titled ‘Project for Quality Pre-Primary School Education in Tanzania’.

The programme commenced in 2023 and is ending this year.

According to him, Oysterbay Primary school is a fortunate beneficiary of this programme, receiving a substantial grant of 23,175 US dollars from KOICA.

This financial support has been instrumental in elevating early childhood education by enhancing the learning environment.

“Our dedicated volunteers have played a pivotal role, engaging in activities such as wall painting, creating murals, procuring chairs and desks, renovating the existing playground, installing a tree house and establishing a sandbox,” he said.

The project is expected to positively impact 866 pupils, encompassing both Kindergarten and Elementary levels.

In alignment with the objectives of KOICA project, five teachers have been empowered and well-trained, equipping them to provide quality education to these young learners and future students of Oysterbay Primary school as the wise Kiswahili proverb suggests, Penye nia, pana njia’ (where there is a will, there is a way).

KOICA’s support in Tanzania primarily focuses on health, education, social welfare, rural development, gender and ICT.

Meanwhile, the KOICA and Oyster-bay Pre-Primary School signed a friendship agreement to continue implementing the project to provide quality education to the pupils.

On his part, the school’s head teacher Egidius Mjunangoma thanked the KOICA and its volunteers for their commendable work and support extended to the school which is a sign of friendship between Tanzania and Korea.


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