Kitila highlights what Tanzanians expect from ‘Vision 2050’ team

ZANZIBAR: THE Minister of State, President’s Office (Planning and Investment) Professor Kitila Mkumbo has unveiled what is expected from the members of ‘Tanzania National Development Vision 2050’ (TNDV-2050) team, tasked to come-up with the best working ideas for the document by July next year.

In his remarks to officiate the ‘Guiding workshop’ for the main team of experts for the preparation of TNDV-2050, Prof Mkumbo said that the government and Tanzanians expect that all the 20 members of the team will be present (physically, psychologically, and mentally) and proactive.

“We expect to see ‘total critical engagement’ (we do not expect self-censorship). We expect you to be listening and collecting views from all Tanzanians…no group should be left behind,” Prof Mkumbo emphasised.

He said that currently, there is a new global drive, ‘Development bargain’, which directs that there must be room for inclusion, room for argument to draw consensus.

“Since we want the visions to be owned by the people, all processes should be considered: engage people of all academic levels, civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, faith-based organisations and political parties…do not miss any group in the society… engage everyone who matters,” he said.

Prof Mkumbo said “President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan is watching you; Tanzanians are watching you, and the whole world is watching what the team will produce. Indicate what is going to be the role of the private sector as well as that of the State in economic and social development. We must be very clear.”

Minister Mkumbo said at the three-day workshop held  here that the process to write TNDV-2050 is an intellectual exercise and provides members of the main team with an opportunity to contribute to the development of Tanzania.

He also highlighted other issues to consider including clarity on what is development for Tanzania or local context.

“This is a global phenomenon; therefore, it is important to look at what is going on in the world as regards to development. What issues/miracles have enabled some countries to become developed and what poor countries are not doing, making them remain in poverty track?”

“Data shows that Africa is home for 15 per cent of the global population, but its trade is only three (3) per cent, and export from Africa has also fallen from five (5) per cent in the 1970s to three (3) per cent now,” he said and urged members of the team to make references as to why the trade balance is not good.

Prof Kitila also asked the team to look at why countries like Japan and Korea moved fast after investing heavily. He also handed over to the team leader some important documents: different reports, history about Tanzania and planning, speeches of President Samia and Prime Minister Majaliwa.

The technical team leader of the TNDV 2050, Professor Lucian Msambichaka thanked Dr Samia and other leaders for selecting them to do the job.

“We promise to deliver because most of the team members are still young and committed, and have the attitude of wanting to deliver. We will engage all groups, but ask for full cooperation and support so that we can complete the task within the timeframe,” he said.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Dr Tausi Mbaga Kida said at the opening of the meeting that the team’s assignment is heavy, and they need to look at many issues including food (situation, security, safety, and nutrition); and how to integrate Zanzibar’s Vision.

For Tanzania to have the best vision, she advised them to look at the East African Community -EAC vision 2050…along with African Union (AU) 2063 agenda, and SDGs 2030, while both the executive secretaries of the Planning Commission Mr Lawrence Mafuru (Mainland), and Dr Rahma Mahfoudhi (Zanzibar) promised to provide all the available help and support to the team.

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